Tesla Model 3 named New Car of the Year and Best Electric Car by Autotrader UK

Tesla Model 3 New Car of the Year Autotrader

It was a good day for Tesla yesterday. In the morning the automaker crushed Wall Street estimates by posting strong delivery numbers despite a global pandemic. In the afternoon, the popular Model 3 walked away with two well-earned awards from Autotrader UK.

New Car of the Year 2020

With over 100 cars competing for the title of New Car of the Year, the Tesla Model 3 came out on top once the dust settled.

The cars were judged on 16 different criteria, with the Model 3 leading the way in power, acceleration, cost efficiency, safety, features, how comfortable it is to drive, and how easy it is to park.

Best Electric Car 2020

If any other car were to win this award, most would be left scratching their heads (like here).

In giving the title to the Model 3, Autotrader UK noted that there were some strong contenders like the Jaguar I-Pace and BMW i3, but the clear winner was the electric sedan from Tesla.

Building on winning the title of New Car of the Year, the Model 3 was noted as having the best overall experience of any electric car, with one owner quoted as saying “It’s effortless to drive and easy to do everything — steering acceleration, ‘one-pedal’ braking, Autopilot on the motorway … the car just does everything you ask it to without fuss.

I think if you were to ask almost any Tesla owner, they would wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment.

With the Model Y just beginning to hit the streets in its first year of production, it will be interesting to see how many award the electric SUV will when in the coming months and years.

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