What does the snowflake and blue battery mean on my Tesla?

If you’re a new Tesla owner, or you’ve had it for a while now but are just entering your first winter with your Tesla, you will likely come across a time when you see a portion of your battery turn blue, and the driving distance displays a snowflake next to it.

The first thing to know is you don’t have to be worried. The reason you’re seeing this displayed on your Tesla is that Canadian winters get cold, and so does your battery. When this happens, part of your battery might not be available for use until it warms up sufficiently, either by ambient temperature or pre-heating the battery. Impacts of a cold battery include reduced range, reduced regenerative braking, and reduced acceleration.

Tesla Battery with snowflake

To help avoid this situation or get rid of the blue battery and snowflake, you can pre-heat your battery using the mobile Tesla app. If your Tesla is plugged in, simply turn on the climate control 10-15 minutes before leaving. This will warm up the battery at the same time, and the blue section and the snowflake will disappear.

You can also follow our other winter driving tips to get the most out of your Tesla in a Canadian winter.

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