Tesla China doesn’t look lightly on Model 3 price drop rumour

Tesla dropped the prices of its made-in-China Model 3 earlier this month, along with the introduction of its new LFP batteries.

Considering that only happened two weeks ago, we were surprised to receive a tip in our Drive Tesla inbox late Monday night that Tesla was planning another price drop in the country.

Posted to the Chinese social media site Weibo, the post which has since been deleted claimed the Model 3 would drop by another ¥50,000 to ¥199,000 ($39,100 CAD).

The author of the post also claimed the information came from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a group with broad administrative and planning control over the country’s economy.

Tesla China Weibo rumour

Tesla China was quick to react to the rumour by posting a message of their own to Weibo. In it, the automaker said they had had discussed the matter with the NDRC and confirmed they had no knowledge of the rumoured price drop.

They also added they would be filing a lawsuit against the Weibo user.

Tesla China Weibo
Tesla China /Weibo (via Teslarati)

This looks like a pretty strong signal from Tesla to anyone considering posting a rumour about the automaker. If you do, you better think twice and confirm its legitimacy before hitting that post button.

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