Tesla appears to have reenabled Supercharging for salvaged Model 3 vehicles [Update]

In 2020 Tesla decided to disable Supercharging capability in vehicles that had a salvaged title. The restriction was also extended to third-party fast chargers, with the reasoning being that Tesla couldn’t ensure the safety of the high-voltage components within the damaged and repaired vehicle.

The restrictions were placed across the entire lineup of vehicles, but now it appears Model 3 owners may have regained their lost Supercharger access.

The news was first revealed by Tesla hacker @greentheonly, who noted on Twitter that he had heard about the change in Supercharger capabilities, but since he didn’t own a salvaged Model 3, had no way to confirm it himself.

Fortunately, one salvaged Model 3 owner was quick to head out to the nearest Supercharger to test the theory. According to Zeekeeey, he bought his salvaged Model 3 in February, at which time he was unable to Supercharge.

In a test this afternoon, he was able to confirm he now can plug in and receive a charge at a Supercharger.

So far the change appears to only impact Model 3 owners. Others have also replied to the tweet saying they own salvaged title vehicles, and will test it out when they have the opportunity.

If you fall into this category, let us know in the comments below if you have regained your Supercharging capability.

UPDATE: Another Model 3 owner has confirmed his salvaged Model 3 can now use a Supercharger.

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