Sales of the 151km Standard Range Model 3 in Canada have plummeted over the last 16 months

All the way back in May 2019 Tesla introduced a software limited version of the Model 3 in Canada. Known as the Standard Range (SR) Model 3, the entry-level variant came with just 151km (94 miles) of range.

The only reason it existed was to allow the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 to qualify for the $5,000 iZEV federal rebate. According to the rules of the program, cars up to $55,000 could qualify for the rebate, so long as there was an entry-level version priced below $45,000.

How much did the SR Model 3 cost? $44,999, just $1 below the limit. That unlocked the rebate for the SR+ Model 3, and sales exploded for the electric sedan in Canada.

On the other side, sales of the SR Model 3 were slow at best. That was mostly because of the severely limited range but also because the car wasn’t even offered for sale on the Tesla’s website, instead only being available “off-menu” for those that knew it existed.

It has since been added to the website earlier this year.

We have previously reported that in the first 10 months of it being available from May 2019 to March 2020 just 126 SR Model 3 cars were sold. That compared to 12,098 SR+ Model 3’s sold during the same time period

According to new figures from Transport Canada obtained by The Drive, just 25 have been sold in the 16 months since then. That brings the grand total to 151 SR Model 3’s that have been sold in Canada since it was launched, the same number of kilometers the car is rated for on a full charge.


If any of our readers are one of the 151 owners that have the SR Model 3, let us know about your experience with it in the comments below.

Source: The Drive

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