Model 3 Heavy Duty Frunk & Trunk Mats available at TeslaShop for 10% off

If you haven’t already bought some all-weather mats to protect your frunk and trunk, these heavy duty mats from are good option, and one of the only sets available that also offers a mat for the sub-trunk.

The heavy duty frunk and trunk mats are high quality & environmentally friendly. Made from a rubber-like PVC, they are guaranteed to trap moisture, spill, debris with their classic honeycomb design. They are also made with anti-slip material to ensure the mats are kept firmly in place.

They are measured and precisely cut to ensure the perfect fit and also to ensure maximum coverage to prevent any damage to the frunk and trunk interiors.

The retail price for these mats at is just $99.99, making them one of the more affordable options for frunk and trunk mats for your Model 3 when you consider it also includes one for the sub-trunk. You can also use the coupon code TIC10 at checkout to save an additional 10% off your order, bringing the price down to just $89.99. As always, express shipping is FREE within Canada.

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