One of Tesla’s key advantages over the competition just got stronger as Tesla and EVGo announce new partnership

In what may be one of the bigger announcements in the world of EV charging this year, Tesla and EVgo have today announced a new partnership that will see Tesla connectors added to existing EVgo stations across the US.

Tesla already has a huge leg up on the competition with its existing Supercharger network, with thousands of stations across the globe. EVgo already has over 750 locations across the US, almost matching Tesla’s existing US network.

With today’s announcement, if all EVgo stations have Tesla connectors added, Tesla has effectively doubled the number of charging options available to Tesla owners, making their already impressive charging network advantage over the competition even stronger. EVgo currently lists 750 open stations across the US, with Tesla having 743 stations open in the US (according to

EVgo is considered to be one of the more reliable public fast-charging networks in the US today. This means that Tesla owners can have confidence that an EVgo site will be operational if they need to use one in their daily use or while on a roadtrip where there are no Superchargers within range.

There has been no timeline given on the rollout of Tesla connectors as their existing stations, but the first stations have already been added in the San Francisco area. You can download the EVgo app to locate chargers across the US.

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