Get driven in style even after your die with this Tesla Model S hearse

Tesla Model S hearse by Blinza

It is often said that once you go electric with Tesla, you don’t go back. Now you can keep that up all the way to the grave with this new Tesla Model S hearse.

Created by German coachbuilder Blinz International in collaboration with funeral car-maker Coleman Milne and Woodall Nicholson, the BINZ.E hearse is put together using a Model S body. The company then uses “compression composite sandwich construction” to stretch and strengthen the body to fit your casket in the back.

According to Coleman Milne managing director Lee Hudson, they fully expect there to be a market for the electric hearse as there has been a trend toward ‘eco-funerals’.

“Funeral directors and their customers are increasingly selecting funeral arrangements with a greater focus on environmental protection. Our new BINZ.E will provide a key component in the growing trend for these eco-funerals.”

The Model S retains the electric drivetrain, and according to Blinz will be capable of taking a long drive to the cemetery, as far as 220 miles (354km) away. Just plan for there to be a charger nearby. You will also still be able to control all the functions you would expect from the mobile app, reports Autocar.

No details have been provided if Ludicrous Mode will also come with the hearse. If it does, they better come up with a strong way to secure your casket, otherwise you could be ending flying out the back.

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