Lucid spotted using a Tesla Model 3 as an authorized service vehicle

Lucid Service
Image via @realJohnDeCarlo /Twitter

Lucid is preparing to begin their first customer deliveries later this month. In advance of the launch, the company announced an important aspect of the ownership experience earlier this year – their service model.

Called Lucid Care, their approach was very similar to Tesla in that it is largely mobile based. In their press release they included an image of a Lucid Care mobile service van with the company’s branding.

Lucid Mobile Service Van
Image via Lucid

It appears as though they may have shifted their plans since then, in a rather unexpected way.

At the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, California, where the company has a Lucid Studio, a Tesla Model 3 was spotted parked in their designated charging area.

Seemingly to make sure the car wasn’t towed away, a sign was placed on the dash saying it was a “Lucid Authorized Service Vehicle.” (h/t: @realJohnDeCarlo)

Using a Tesla as a Lucid service vehicle seems like a strange choice. Aside from the obvious fact it is a Tesla, it is also the smallest one available.

Tesla themselves uses the Model S and Model Y, a much more capable choice that provides extra storage for tools and equipment.

To be fair, Tesla also relies on other automakers for many of their service vehicles, most notably the gas-powered Ford Transit van.

Kudos to Lucid for at least sticking with electric.

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