Lexus dealership uses a photo of Tesla Model 3 to promote safe driving

When you are good at what you do, you can’t help your competition taking note. Sometimes, they go as far as using your product as an example of what a sound product should look like.

Tesla is in this enviable position, as a Lexus dealership has used the Model 3 in a picture about safe driving.

While skeptics might say it was an accident, the Tesla Model 3 happens to be one of the safest cars on the road today. The Lexus dealership, Lexus of Tauranga, is located in New Zealand.

It embarked on a social media campaign to encourage safe driving. Instead of a Lexus car, the photo used the interior of a Tesla Model 3. It shows a driver sitting and holding the steering wheel, with the caption pointing out the correct position for the steering wheel should be to have it pointing “at your chest, not your head or your neck.”

Apparently, the graphics editor simply picked a stock image online, which some online sleuths managed to unearth. The full image clearly shows the woman driving a Tesla.

However, it seems Lexus of Tauranga quickly realized the mistake as the post was taken down.

Apparently, future media campaigns by the dealership will face more scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Toyota, Lexus parent company, recalled 2,700 bZ4X due to safety issues, namely that the wheels might fall off.

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