Tesla offering test drives in Spain

Tesla is on a worldwide expansion mission, allowing Spain residents to experience its cars. The company has been touring the European country and giving locals test drives of the Model 3 and Model Y. This will continue until summer.

Tesla has expanded its pilot project for non-Tesla EVs using Superchargers to more countries, including Spain.

Gonzalo Serratosa Canamas, manager of Tesla’s Valencia Area store, posted the invitation to the test-drive event on his LinkedIn in Spanish. He mentioned that the tour would stop over at Altea, Javea, Olivia, and Calpe.

Anybody in the regions he named can register for a test drive, which takes place in multiple cities in each area. For the Olivia region, there will be a display of the Model 3 and Model Y at the Olivia Nova Beach & Golf Hotel. There will be test drives at the Aranda de Duero Supercharger attached to the Hotel Area Tudanca.

Tesla is trying to create brand awareness in Spain, even though it still largely sticks to its ‘no-adverts’ policy. EVs are becoming more popular in the country, with more sales recorded, even though new car registrations shrank 8 percent in July and 12 percent for 2022, both year on year.

The Tesla Model Y is set to be the bestselling car next year. It has already snatched the crown of the bestselling EV from the Model 3.

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