How to play retro video games in your Tesla Model 3

Everyone loves the built-in Arcade in your Tesla Model 3, but you can only play so many games of Centipede before you get a little tired of it.

With the more recent releases of Beach Buggy Racing 2, Stardew Valley, and Fallout Shelter, the longevity of some of the games has increased. Even with those games, your options are still limited.

That’s where this great little ‘hack’ that allows you to play hundreds of retro arcade games comes in.

How to Play

The first thing you’ll need is a controller, as the steering wheel or touch-screen controls don’t work. We recommend this wired controller, or if you prefer wireless this controller.

Then open up the browser in your Tesla, and go to From there, select the game you want to play, and you’re set!

Available games include classics like Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Kart, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tekken 3, Street Fighter II, and much more.

As a bonus, since you access the games through the browser, they will still work for your passengers even when the car is not in park (although there will be no sound).

Check it out, and let us know which classic video game is your favourite.

h/t: Reddit

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