Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts purchase fleet of 22 Tesla Model 3s

The Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts have made a substantial investment in sustainability, purchasing 22 Tesla Model 3 sedans for their fleet.

The decision to acquire the Tesla Model 3s came down to money, and despite what many people may think with a combined sticker price of over $1 million, it was a prudent financial move. The actual cost per unit, after factoring in incentives and rebates, came to just US$30,625. This incredible pricing made the Model 3 an attractive and budget-friendly option, particularly after Chevrolet discontinued its Bolt, according to Dave Bolderoff, Fleet Manager for Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, who announced the purchase on LinkedIn.

Bolderoff outlined key insights gained from the purchasing and delivery process, highlighting the benefits of purchasing directly from Tesla compared to having to deal with legacy automakers and their dealer network.

According to Bolderoff, Tesla’s online ordering system proved to be streamlined and efficient, also coming without limited windows for ordering specific models. This flexibility allowed for smoother procurement procedures without the time pressure associated with traditional ordering cycles, he explained.

Credit: Dave Bolderoff | LinkedIn

Another benefit was when it came to the delivery phase, with all 22 vehicles reaching the Sanitation Districts just 14 days after the initial online order placement. This stands in stark contrast to the extended timelines associated with legacy automakers, where delivery waits can stretch past a full year for their EVs. This was highlighted by the fact the Sanitation Districts are still waiting for some vehicles that they ordered in July 2022.

This isn’t the first major purchase from a government entity in California. Late last year Drive Tesla reported exclusively on the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) purchasing 399 Tesla Model 3 sedans for their fleet.

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