German Tesla Model 3 driver gets license suspended for adjusting wipers on the touchscreen

The Tesla Model 3 is well-known for its minimalist interior. With that sleek look, the gorgeous 15-inch touchscreen display in the center of the dash controls almost every feature of the car.

One of those features is the speed of the windshield wipers, and that feature is what led to a German Model 3 driver getting his license suspended for one month.

In March of last year, the driver crashed his Model 3 while attempting to change the speed of his wipers using the touchscreen display. At the time, he was handed a €200 fine and a 1-month suspension of his license for improper use of an electronic device.

Arguing the touchscreen was was not an electronic device, but rather a ‘safety control panel’ since it displays the speed the car is travelling, he has been battling the initial decision.

Unfortunately for the Tesla owner, the courts disagreed, and upheld the fine and suspension, saying “The touchscreen (permanently installed in the vehicle of the Tesla brand) is an electronic device in the sense of § 23 Para, it does not matter what purpose the driver pursues with the operation.” (via TheDrive)

The issue of the touchscreen display and distracted driving has come up before in Canada. Last year we reported on an interview with a police officer in Victoria, British Columbia, who was asked whether the touchscreen counts as distracted driving.

Without giving a clear cut answer, the officer said it would depend on the situation, and he would have to see it for himself to determine if it would qualify for a distracted driving ticket. So…maybe?

Have you received a distracted driving ticket in Canada for using the touchscreen in your Tesla? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature image via Reddit

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