Jamie Foxx gets behind the wheel of a Performance Tesla Model 3 for the first time [Video]

Hollywood superstar Jamie Foxx recently took a Performance Tesla Model 3 for a test drive for the first time, and shared the experience in a new video on his YouTube channel.

The video begins at Foxx’s 40 acre estate property in Hidden Valley, California, where it doesn’t take him long to break into celebrity imitations and jokingly shaming gas vehicles on the road.

Jamie Foxx house

As with any person who gets to ride in a Tesla for the first time, there are two things that must be experienced to truly appreciate what a Tesla is all about – the acceleration and the car driving by itself on Autopilot.

Foxx doesn’t let us down, and gives the Performance Model 3 a 0-60 test on the side of the road (4m50s into the video), with a reaction that we’ve all seen before – shock, amazement, and and the need to do it again.

At one point, he gets the Tesla up to such a high speed on public roads they had to edit and blur out the speedometer on the touchscreen.

When the video gets to the part with Foxx trying Autopilot (8m30s), it appears they maybe should have given him a quick lesson on how to use it and how to get rid of the Autopilot nag.

The video once again shows why Tesla CEO Elon Musk would rather invest money into developing products that people love than on advertising. This video will go viral and get hundreds of thousands of views, all without Tesla spending a dime on it.

Check out the full video below.

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