Ford’s Oakville Assembly Complex could build electric Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator

Ford announced earlier this month it was planning to delay electric versions of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. Instead, the automaker wants to focus on increasing production of the Mustang Mach-E.

To do so, Ford will be dedicating their manufacturing plant in Cuautitlan, Mexico entirely to the electric SUV.

That plant was originally slated to handle both the Explorer and Aviator EVs.

With the switch, two industry analysts say the Oakville Assembly Complex is the most likely location to build the two new EVs.

According to a report by Automotive News Canada, Ford has informed suppliers it intends to build about 100,000 Explorer and Aviator EVs starting in late 2024.

It is believed that Ford’s Ohio Assembly and Flat Rock Assembly plants are also being considered, and it could come down to what federal incentives are passed in the US as it relates to unionized plants.

But that doesn’t put Oakville, which is in Ontario, Canada out of the picture.

“It may be yet to be decided because those incentives aren’t finalized,” principal analyst with HIS Markit, Stephanie Brinley, said. “But even those proposed incentives are still fundamentally short term, and this business will have to be able to survive without them. Ford is looking at where it can invest to build a car for longer than that.”

Oakville currently builds the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus, both of which are set to be discontinued in the near future. The site will be retooled for EV production and will be able to produce about 200,000 EVs per year, making it a good fit for the automaker, according to Katelyn Drake, senior analyst with LMC Automotive.

Unifor workers ratify deal that will bring Ford EV manufacturing to Oakville, Ontario

Source: Automotive News Canada

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