Range Test: Tesla Model 3 SR+ & Performance versus Polestar 2

Range is king when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs) with the longest range of any production EV going to the Tesla Model S. It became the first EV with a 400+ mile range last year.

The Model S however is out of the price range of the typical buyer. That is where the more mainstream EVs enter the picture, like the Model 3 and Polestar 2.

Carwow recently put two variants of the Model 3 up against the Polestar 2 in a real world range test to see which EV can travel the furthest on a full charge.

According to the EPA, the Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3 has a range of 263 miles (423km), the Performance Model 3 gets 315 miles (506km), and the Polestar 2 gets 233 miles (374km).

At the beginning of the test both Teslas were estimating a lower than rated range. The SR+ was displaying a range of 249 miles (400km), the Performance was displaying 307 miles (494km), while the Polestar 2 was actually estimating more at 260 miles (418km).

Despite the optimistic estimate, the first to drop out was the Polestar 2, only able to achieve 68% of its stated range. Next up was the SR+ at 79%, with the prize for longest range on a single charge going to the Performance Model 3 with 81%.

Carwow range test

After driving all three vehicles, the host Mat Watson preferred the looks of the Polestar, but would still pick the SR+ for its value for money.

You can check out the full video below.

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