Early ‘Acceleration Boost’ tests show impressive gains for LR AWD, but it doesn’t quite reach Performance levels

Just yesterday Tesla release a new paid upgrade for dual motor Model 3 owners dubbed ‘Acceleration Boost’, at a price of $2,700CDN.

Tesla claimed it would improve 0-60mph times from 4.6s to 4.1s, and now the first early buyers of the paid upgrade have put it to the test to see if Tesla’s claims of improved performance hold up.

A user on Reddit, Wugz, took his AWD Model 3 out on the road after paying for the upgrade, hooked up the CAN bus, and tested the acceleration and peak power in multiple runs from 0-160km/h. For the tests, the battery was at between 90%-93%, HVAC controls were off, and the battery pack temperature was between 37-38°C.

In four tests, the results showed that peak power increased by 50hp (11.3%), from 447hp to 497hp, and peak torque increased by 62Nm (12.4%), from 501.75Nm to 564Nm.

His 0-60mph times also saw impressive gains, as seen below.

  • 0-60 mph in 3.781s
  • 0-100 km/h in 3.962s
  • 0-160 km/h in 8.478s

The 0-160 km/h time is over a half-second quicker than before the ‘Acceleration Boost’ update, and over a second quicker than before the 5% power boost that came in the 2019.36.2 software update. While he didn’t do any ¼ mile runs, owners who pay for the upgrade should see gains of around 1 second, or possibly slightly more depending on conditions.

Another interesting finding from the test was that more power and torque was delivered to the front motor in the update, and the rear motor actually had less power overall. That results in more equal power delivery to all four wheels of the Model 3.

So the results show some impressive gains for the ‘Acceleration Boost’ upgrade, but is it enough to make you shell out $2,700CDN (plus taxes) to gain 50HP and half a second in your 0-60mph time? Let us know if you’ll be buying the upgrade, or if you already have.

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