Tesla drops price of Long Range Model 3 in the US, still no price changes in Canada

If you’re having trouble following along with all the recent changes from Tesla, here’s one more to add to the list. The price of the Long Range (LR) Model 3 has been reduced in the US by $1,000.

Before today, the LR Model 3 started at $46,990 USD, which is now reduced to $45,990 USD. Unfortunately there have been no price changes to any variants in Canada.

The change follows price adjustments in the US to the other two variants of the Model 3 earlier this week. The Standard Range (SR) variant saw a $1,000 reduction, while the Performance variant was the lone vehicle to get a $1,000 increase.

Perhaps the biggest change to Tesla’s website happened late last night when they removed the Standard Range Model Y from the Design Studio. At the same time the Long Range Model Y in the US saw a $1,000 price drop to $48,990 USD.

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