Paint Protection Film (PPF) Rear Bumper Guard for Tesla Model 3: REVIEW

When you’re loading or unloading something from your trunk, chances are you will eventually damage the paint on the rear bumper with several scratches. That’s where Paint Protection Film (PPF) comes in handy, as it can easily protect your bumper, avoiding scratches and other damage.

Lamin-x offers a rear bumper guard PPF film that is pre-cut to perfectly fit the rear bumper of the Model 3. It is 8 mils thick and has a glossy finish to seamlessly blend in with your vehicle’s paint.

The product was shipped from Blairsville, Georgia within 24 hours of ordering (with tracking), and arrived well packaged in a small box in BC in 10 days. The PPF is wrapped around a hard cardboard roller, preventing any damage during shipping. Included in the kit are instructions, a squeegee, and spray bottle.

The kit itself is so easy to install that anyone can do it, taking about 10 minutes in total. You can watch our installation video below.

First you spray and clean the bumper with a 70% isopropyl/30% water solution, ensuring there is no dust or dirt left on the bumper. Then spray the bumper to get it very wet, and also spray your hands so that you can easily handle the PPF without it sticking to your fingers.

Slowly peel the PPF off the backing paper, spraying the adhesive side as you go. Then place the PPF on the bumper, aligning it with the line in the bumper. If the bumper is sufficiently wet, you should be able to easily shift the film around to get it perfectly into position. If you need to, you can also re-lift the PPF and place it back on the bumper, ensuring to keep both the bumper and PPF wet when re-applying.

Then squeegee out the water starting from the middle and working towards the edges. If you can’t squeegee out all the water and small pockets remain, those should evaporate over the next few days.

The kit retails for $29.95USD. Shipping to BC was $17.25USD, for a total of $47.20USD, or about $62CAD, cheaper than comparable kits from other companies.

But click on this link to get your own custom coupon code for 15% off the order, bringing the cost of the kit down to just $25.46USD. Lamin-x also sells other PPF kits for your Model 3, all the way from door handle cup protection kits to complete vehicle protection kits.

Laminx rear bumper guard

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