2020 Porsche Taycan fails to deliver on expectations and gets EPA rated range of just 323km

When the Porsche Taycan Turbo was first announced, it was advertised as potentially getting 360km (220 miles) from its 93.4kWh battery. Even then, before getting an official EPA rating, it was well below the comparable Long Range Tesla Model S with a range of 600km.

Now the EPA ratings for the Taycan Turbo have officially been released, and it fares even worse than originally anticipated, receiving an EPA rated range of just 323km (201 miles). The low rated range is thanks in part to the Taycan’s huge appetite for electricity, with a combined efficiency rating of 303 Wh/km (city: 308 Wh/km, highway: 295 Wh/km).

Compare that to the other two luxury electric vehicles in its class, the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron, and it sits at the bottom of the pack. The Performance Model 3, which is more than $100,000CDN cheaper than the Taycan Turbo ($75,990CDN vs. $173,900CDN) with similar performance stats, gets 160km more in range than the Taycan Turbo from its smaller 75kWh battery.

Porsche Taycan EPA rating

In Europe, the WLTP rating is always more generous and optimistic than the EPA ratings, and that’s the case with the Taycan Turbo, getting a WLTP rating of 381-450km.

The Taycan comes in three variants – Taycan 4S (starts at $119,400CDN), Taycan Turbo (starts at $173,900CDN), and Taycan Turbo S (starts at $213,900CDN). Deliveries were recently delayed by up to 10 weeks due to production issues at the factory.

Porsche vs Tesla

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