12 Reasons to Buy a Tesla Model 3


You might be on the fence about Tesla. I was once on the fence, but over the past several years, I have learned so much about the company and its vehicles, that I have been convinced that the Tesla Model 3 is the absolute best vehicle choice. Here’s why:

1. Safety rating

Tesla Model 3s have the top safety rating of any vehicle. A 5 star rating. Period. Ultimately we spend so much time in our vehicles, why shouldn’t we choose the safest one. What else can I say?

Tesla Model 3 IIHS crash test

2. Price and value

The price for a new Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) is $55,000 Canadian, before any incentives. That’s comparable, or even better than a BMW, Lexus or Cadillac. But, a second hand Tesla Model only loses 5% of its value after one year, in comparison to other luxury vehicles which lose 20% or more.

3. Clean and Quiet

No more pollution, no more noise, no more gas stations. Electric battery power instead of fossil fuels. 30% of all carbon emissions are caused by the transportation industry. If you want to reduce this number by buying an electric vehicle, you will be supporting clean energy.

4. Supercharger network

Supercharger stations are set up right Tesla superchargeracross the TransCanada highway, so you can charge on the network from almost zero to a near full charge within 15-20 minutes. If you’re not travelling, just charge it overnight in your garage and it’s ready to go the next day. Gas stations aren’t in your garage. Plus, the Supercharger network is worldwide, with more charging stations being added all the time.

5. Low maintenance and operating costs

With an electric vehicle, you do not have a massive, complex engine with a million parts that can break. No need for oil changes either. So your maintenance costs are far lower than any gas vehicle. Plus, you will have massive costs savings on gas compared to electricity.

6. Over the Air Updates

So you know how you wish you had bought the latest model of a vehicle because your vehicle is now older with less features? With a Tesla, your car will be periodically updated with over-the-air (OTA) updates, meaning your vehicle will be updated with new features and improvements without ever having to leave your garage. No need to take it in for a service call. Your Tesla actually gets better over time.

7. Cameras

Your Tesla will have 8 cameras surrounding the vehicle. It will record as you drive and if you enable Sentry Mode, then if anyone approaches your vehicle when it’s parked, the motion detectors will start the cameras and record any movement. People who have damaged Teslas have been recorded. Also a very handy feature if you were to witness or be in an accident, to show whose fault it was.

8. Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot

Eventually, Tesla models will have the capabilities to be fully autonomous, meaning humans will not be necessary for their operation. To that end, Tesla is collecting real world data fromevery vehicle and using that to improve the Autopilot features.

For example, Autopilot cameras have been taught to recognize a traffic cone on a highway, so that is what you will see in your computer screen. With millions of miles of experience, the Tesla computers are improving to be able to drive and react better than a human.

Right now, Autopilot can help you brake to avoid an object in the way and multiple users have posted camera recordings of near misses thanks to their Tesla.

9. Range

You could buy any other electric vehicle but Tesla vehicles have the longest range of any of them. Drive around town, do your regular commute and even longer trips without worry. The 2020 Model 3 SR+ has a range of 402 km.

10. Customer Satisfaction

Consumer Reports recently listed the Tesla Model 3 as having the highest customer satisfaction rating of any vehicle. Driving one is an enjoyable experience and Tesla owners are passionate about their vehicles.

Elon Accessories Matte protector11. High Tech

Teslas have been described as “a computer on wheels” and essentially they are very high tech, with up to the minute updates.

The computer touch screen in the middle of the console is where you control everything, making it aesthetically pleasing, simple and more technologically advanced than any other vehicle.

Switches and knobs are SO last century.

12. Style and Cool Factor

All of the Tesla cars are gorgeous. They have a prestige that rivals any high end vehicle. Tesla’s reputation means that when you say, “I have a Tesla”, it means “I have the latest, high tech device and oh yes, it’s green tech as well.”