A second Deep Crimson Model Y appears at Giga Berlin

In Tobias Lindh’s latest drone video of Giga Berlin, it looks like the Giga Berlin paint shop completed another Deep Crimson test run.

Earlier this week, we reported exclusively that Giga Berlin‘s paint shop produced the first vehicles in Mercury Silver Metallic and Deep Crimson Multicoat.

The paint job went well, and the two vehicles were being sent back to North America for validation.

However, it appears that Giga Berlin did not stop at one vehicle.

The drone footage from Tobias Lindh clearly shows a deep crimson Model Y sitting alongside other Model Y’s.

However, as per the footage, we can see that the vehicle’s back end seems to have a multicoat.

In contrast, the rest of the vehicle may have a single coat or a base layer but is certainly not finished.

Based on the condition of the vehicle and according to information received by Drive Tesla, this is one of the vehicles used to calibrate and test the new painting process.

As with other special tests that Giga Berlin completed this week, there is no timeline for when we will see the new colours in production.

However, continued tests mean that Giga Berlin is inching close to a production run of this new stunning colour.

You can check out Tobias’s full video down below. The deep crimson Model Y can be seen at the 20:18 mark.

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