Tesla ranks last in 2020 J.D. Power Initial Quality survey

With recent headlines around quality control issues with the Model Y, J.D Power has just released their 2020 Initial Quality Study and the results aren’t favourable for Tesla.

The 34th annual study by J.D. Power looks at the performance of new cars over the first 90 days of ownership, and ranks them based on the number of problems that show up during that time.

Using that methodology, Tesla ranked dead last with 250 problems per 150 vehicles. That compares to the industry average of 166.

J.D. Power noted that most common problem affecting Tesla vehicles included paint issues, body panel gaps and alignment issues, difficulty closing frunks and trunks, wind noise in the cabin, and general squeaks and rattles.

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According to J.D. Power’s automotive President Doug Betts, most of Tesla’s problems were “primarily the result of factory quality“.

The highest ranked brands in the survey were Dodge and Kia, each with 136 problems per 100 vehicles.

Joining Tesla at the bottom of the list was Land Rover (228), Audi (225), Volvo (210), Mercedes-Benz (202) and Jaguar (190).

Here’s the full list of brands ranked in the survey.

  • Dodge (136)
  • Kia (136)
  • Chevrolet (141)
  • Ram (141)
  • Genesis (142)
  • Mitsubishi (148)
  • Buick (150)
  • GMC (151)
  • Volkswagen (152)
  • Hyundai (153)
  • Jeep (155)
  • Lexus (159)
  • Nissan (161)
  • Cadillac (162)
  • Infiniti (173)
  • Ford (174)
  • Mini (174)
  • BMW (176)
  • Honda (177)
  • Toyota (177)
  • Lincoln (182)
  • Mazda (184)
  • Acura (185)
  • Porsche (186)
  • Subaru (187)
  • Chrysler (189)
  • Jaguar (190)
  • Mercedes-Benz (202)
  • Volvo (210)
  • Audi (225)
  • Land Rover (228)
  • Tesla (250)

h/t [USAToday]

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