Tesla Megapacks powered airport and US Coast Guard station during natural disasters

Tesla’s energy storage business is growing tremendously, with Megapacks being deployed worldwide and having a long waiting list. These huge batteries have proven their worth, including at the Arcata Airport and a US Coast Guard Station. Both facilities were powered by Megapacks in the aftermath of the Humboldt Quake and winter storms.

The Megapacks became a lifeline for Humboldt County and the North Coast after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck at the end of 2022. Thousands of customers were left with power, but the Tesla batteries helped the Redwood Coast Airport Microgrid (RCAM) to continue supplying power to 19 customers. These included two critical facilities; the Arcata-Eureka Airport and the nearby US Coast Guard Air Base, as reported by Market Screener.

The RCAM automatically disconnected from the national grid after the powerlines serving the area were de-energized after the earthquake. Thanks to the Megapacks, the RCAM became independent in the control of PG&E. It supplied power for about 15 hours.

In January, when California was hit with unprecedented winter storms, the RCAM again came to the rescue. It disengaged from the national grid multiple times and was powered by Tesla’s Megapack.

The RCAM is 100 percent renewable energy, the first for California. It came online last June. The project uses a 2.2-megawatt solar photovoltaic array to store energy in three Megapacks. The energy stored during the day is utilized during the night or peak periods.

Tesla to use 4680 battery cells in stationary storage devices like Megapack

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