Tesla Megapack and Solar project to replace coal plant in New Mexico

Tesla’s Megapack energy storage technology and a solar array will be used to help replace a 562 MW coal plant in New Mexico.

The San Juan Generating Station is shutting down and placed by a solar array with the Tesla Megapack, according to a report from CleanTechnica.

New Mexico’s Public Service Company (PNW) supports the Arroyo Solar and Storage Project to replace the coal plant. This project included a 300 MWac Solar PV plant, and 150 MWac/600 MW co-located battery storage.

The Arroyo project lead is DE Shaw Renewable Investments. The company develops, owns and operates long-term renewable energy projects.

The company is sub-contracting the work on the solar farm and Megapack project. For instance, Affordable Solar Installation is tackling the Megapack project. Sund Construction is building the solar farm.

While Electrical Consultants Inc is in charge of design and EPC Services handles building the infrastructure around and within the project.

Finally, SOLV, a subsidiary of Tesla, will perform operations and maintenance.

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