Tesla reportedly scouting factory sites in Quebec and Ontario

There have been rumors that Tesla wants to set up a factory in Canada. The EV company has now confirmed it is applying for a fast-tracked permit, per a report by Electrek. Tesla is reportedly scouting locations in Quebec and Ontario.

CEO Elon Musk, who has roots in Canada, did hint at a factory in the country during a company-wide meeting in August. It was also confirmed during a lobbying disclosure focused on the Ontario government.

There have been reports by Electric Autonomy Canada that Tesla reps checked out some sites in Ontario and Quebec. This took place during a trip to Vale Canada, in August. It would fit nicely with Tesla’s admission it has been sourcing nickel in Vale.

The media entity reports that Tesla is asking the federal government to intervene for a faster approval process. It is doing everything possible to avoid repeating the drawn-out process for Giga Berlin. The petition reads, “Seek government support to facilitate the engagement with provinces regarding permitting timelines, to increase the competitiveness of Canada and its ability to attract capital through approvals timeframes that are competitive with other manufacturing locations while working with government to identify incentives to further increase the attractiveness of Canada.”

Just what Tesla will use the facility for has not been confirmed. It could make vehicles or batteries. The company could also combine the two.

Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz are also bringing more business to Canada. The two German companies have signed supply deals for EV battery materials from the country.

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