Study claims more people consider buying an Apple car instead of a Tesla

apple carplay
Credit: Apple

Elon Musk has repeatedly said that other EVs are not competing with Teslas. However, the business mogul may have to get used to a new reality; people would rather buy an Apple car than his own cars.

As reported by 9To5Mac, a study conducted by Strategic Vision revealed the statistic. It involved 200,000 respondents and ranked Apple 3rd in car considerations, coming behind Toyota and Honda. Tesla came fifth, with Ford occupying the 4th position.

The report further claims that over 50 percent of current Tesla owners would definitely consider buying an Apple-branded car. This is not surprising, given the brand’s global fan base.

However, Musk doesn’t have to lose any sleep over the Apple Car yet. The mythical car is still years away, giving Tesla more time to consolidate its lead. The Apple Car project, known as Project Titan, has even been rocked by key figure departures, the latest being the departure of Doug Fields. However, the development team managed to sign on Lamborghini chassis expert Luigi Taraborelli.

Rumors also have had it that Apple had modified its goals with Project Titan, moving from a whole car to car software and back to a whole car again. The latest iteration seems to be the Cupertino-based company wants to introduce an autonomous EV sans driving wheel by 2025.

Apple missed the EV boat when it rebuffed Musk’s attempt to sell the company to it out of desperation. But it seems to be making up for it; Apple won two patents for Project Titan last month. The company may already have a foot in the door with its Apple CarPlay offering.