Tesla China adds extra airbag to Model Y

You can’t be too safe in a Tesla car, and this is why the company has added an extra airbag to the Model Y made in China. This was reported on the company’s Weibo account.

To meet demand, Tesla has been opening more than one new Supercharger station daily in China.

The Model Y already comes with an extra far-side airbag, but Tesla is throwing one more in for more all-round safety on the road.

Model Y owners in China will see the extra airbag on the inside of the driver’s seatback. It is supposed to reduce injuries from contact between the driver and the front passenger during a collision.

CNEV speculates that the extra airbag is probably part of the upgrade at the Shanghai plant.

This new airbag takes the number on the Model Y in China to seven. US-made models do not come with far-side airbags, but they boast a right-side front airbag and a knee airbag, both of which are absent on the China-made Model Y.

Tesla sold 28,217 vehicles in July, at a time it was upgrading the production facilities in Shanghai.


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