Hansshow coupon code DTCspeaker saves 5% on Audio Upgrade kit that activates dormant speakers in the Tesla Model 3 SR+ [Deal]

Tesla Model 3 interior

One of the more under appreciated features in the Long Range and Performance variants of the Tesla Model 3 is the premium sound system featuring 14 speakers, a subwoofer, and 2 amps.

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If you bought the Standard Range Plus (SR+), you unfortunately don’t get the premium sound, even though some of the speakers are physically in the car but not connected.

Model 3 SR+ dormant speakers

That’s where this new kit from Hansshow comes in, which can activate the six dormant speakers in the SR+ (4 speakers if your car was built after March 2020) with just a simple wiring harness.

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According to Hansshow, the DIY kit can be installed in minutes and greatly improves the sound quality in your SR+. Unlike similar products on the market, the kit from Hansshow has no adverse affects on your sound system, it can be turned up fully without needing to restart the car. Since it is plug and play, it also has no impact on warranty.

The company offers the kits in Standard, Professional, and Performance options which include upgraded speakers, a subwoofer with custom mould to fit in the trunk, and an amp (DSP).

If you go with just the wiring harness in the DIY kit, it will cost $80 USD, which includes free shipping anywhere in the world.

Or if you want to get more out of your sound system, you can go with the Standard ($439 USD), Professional ($699 USD), or Performance ($899 USD) options.

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Speaker Specifications:

  • Treble baseline 20W
  • Mid-bass 65W
  • Bass front end 200W
  • Power amplifier signal-to-noise ratio 98Db
  • Power amplifier output 8 channels, each channel initial 110W

Here is a short 5-minute installation video.

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