Tesla shows off smaller, two-door Cybertruck design at Petersen Museum

The Cybertruck is scheduled for production in 2023. However, there have been concerns about the size of the pickup truck, which many having said it is too big, particularly for markets like Europe.

It seems Tesla is working on a version for those that prefer it more compact, going by a sketch spotted by an observant Twitter user @MissJilianne.

The sketch was discovered at the Cybertruck exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum. It features a vehicle that looks like the Cybertruck prototypes that have been sighted numerous but minus two doors.

Despite having only two doors and appearing compact, the truck in the artwork looked spacious. But that can be put down to the relatively long windshield, short frunk, and side windows that appear to extend past the cabin and into the bed of the truck.

Folks have held on to the hope of a smaller Cybertruck, which will make more sense in markets across Europe. Elon Musk had said it would make sense for Tesla to make a compact Cybertruck in the long run, but has yet to confirm any plans of one.

Musk also confirmed the Cybertruck would ship with 1 MW fast charging.

Tesla came to the Petersen Museum with an extensive display that details the company’s story to the top of the EV pile from a scrappy startup.

The company’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen, granted an interview to CNBC in which the Cybertruck sketch can be seen, which you can watch below:

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