Two-thirds of Ford’s dealer network opts in to EV certification program

Earlier this year Ford announced their EV certification program, giving their dealer network the option to decide if they want to continue to sell electric vehicles (EVs). The decision to opt in came with several commitments, including to spend as much as $1.2 million to add EV infrastructure, among other things, and that they will only sell their EVs at non-negotiable prices.

Despite some backlash over the program and its requirements, many Ford dealers across the US are not wanting to be left out. According to the Ford CEO Jim Farley, 1,920 dealers have agreed to the new rules.

Farley revealed the figure while speaking at the Automotive News Congress in Detroit on Monday.

Dealers continue to push back against Ford Model E plans

Farley explained that the majority opted in at the highest tier, called ‘Model e Certified Elite.’ Some 1,659 dealers agreed to a $900,000 investment, most of which will go to installing two DC fast chargers, as well as another $300,000 investment in 2026 to install a third DC fast charger.

These dealers will also have limited EV stock on hand and have demo models available for test drives.

The other 261 dealers opted in at the  ‘Model e Certified’ tier, which requires a smaller $500,000 investment and limits the number of EVs they are allowed to sell in a year, although that amount has not yet been decided.

According to Ford they have about 3,000 dealers across the US, meaning the approximately 1,100 dealers who did not opt in will not be allowed to sell EVs until at least 2025, when they will have another opportunity to join the program.

The figures show that the majority of Ford’s dealers were not opposed to the program, despite claims made last week by Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut.

Blumenthal slammed Ford’s EV certification program, labeling it an “egregious treatment” of dealers and requesting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state authorities to investigate the automaker for possible violations of franchise laws.

Ford’s dealership EV certification program raises US senator and Connecticut lawmakers’ eyebrows

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