Tesla will deliver Roadster in 2023… maybe

According to CEO Elon Musk, Tesla is delaying the release of the Roadster again, this time planning to ship the next-generation electric supercar in 2023.

However, this will depend on if 2022 can avoid the “mega-drama” of supply chain issues that plagued the world in 2021.

Tesla planned to release the Roadster back in 2020, but the vehicle faced significant challenges. First, it was battery restraints, and then the ramping up of Model 3 and Model Y production pushed the production date further into the future.

Most recently the production of the Roadster was pushed to 2022. However, Elon Musk provided a new timeline today, noting on Twitter that they are now aiming for 2023, so long as supply chain issues no longer plague the automotive industry.

The supply chain issues mainly affect microchips and other critical parts of the vehicle. However, Tesla went ahead and developed their in-house microcontrollers to avoid the brunt of the shortage that plagued other auto manufactures.

Rumours are circling about what the Roadster will be able to do once it finally hits production. From a 1.1 second 0-60 MPH acceleration rate to the ability to hover…who knows what features will end up coming off the line in two years.

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