New Tesla pickup truck will be more “Blade Runner-esque” than this

One of the biggest secrets in the Tesla world is the design and specs of the upcoming Tesla pickup truck. The only details we know so far from random tweets is that the truck will cost less than $50,000 and be better than a Ford F-150, the best-selling vehicle in the United States.

There was also a hint of the design that was snuck in during the unveiling of the Model Y, and during an interview with Recode, said the pickup truck project excites him the most.

“Well I can’t talk about the details, but it’s gonna be like a really futuristic-like cyberpunk, “Blade Runner” pickup truck. It’s gonna be awesome, it’s gonna be amazing. This will be heart-stopping. It stops my heart. It’s like, oh, it’s great.”

Now we’ve received another hint from Musk about the futuristic design. As the information about the truck has slowly trickled out, amateur designers have taken a stab at what they thought the truck might look like. One of the most popular was a rendering by Emre Husmen, a car designer based in Turkey.

Recent Tesla fan and friend of Musk, Joe Rogan, sent the pictures of the truck to him, asking what he thought of the design, and replied that the actual Tesla pickup will be “even more Blade Runner-esque”.

Yesterday, Musk also said on Twitter that the unveiling of the pickup truck is still on track for November.

If you want to watch the full Joe Rogan podcast where this is discussed, you can view it here.

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