South Korean firm wins $300 million Tesla Cybertruck parts supply contract

Tesla is getting closer and closer to the start of Cybertruck production, and when it does some of the parts that will go into making the futuristic electric truck will come from South Korea.

According to a report by local media outlet Maeil Business, South Korean firm Seoyeon E-hwa has confirmed they have signed a contract with Tesla to supply A, B, and C pillar parts for the Cybertruck. The product contract period extends until 2028, with sales expected to reach ₩300 billion, or about C$307 million/US$227 million.

To meet the demands of the contract and produce the required parts, Seoyeon E-hwa said it has leased a factory in Monterey, Mexico, about six and a half hours south of Giga Texas, with a budget of around ₩13 billion (C$13 million/US$9.8 million). The company says it will begin sending its employees to the factory starting next month.

While there is no official statement from Seoyeon E-hwa or Tesla, a representative from the Korean firm has confirmed that the order is “still in progress internally,” and that “there’s nothing to say about the order because we signed a non-disclosure agreement.”

If you are unfamiliar with what the A, B, and C pillars, they refer to roof pillars behind the exterior parts of the car you can see with your eyes, and are lettered in order from the front of the vehicle to the back. A pillars are at the windshield, B pillars are just behind the front doors and C pillars are behind the rear doors.

These parts were visible in the recently release photos of the pilot Cybertruck production line at the Fremont factory, although the parts on this particular Cybertruck build were likely not from Seoyeon E-hwa.

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