Tesla raises Model S and Model X prices in Asia and Germany [Update]

Tesla has increased the prices for the Model S and Model X in China and South Korea (update, and Germany), just a few weeks after a similar price increase for the two flagship vehicles in North America, and just a few days after a price increase to the Model 3 and Model Y. Alongside the price increases, Tesla has also started a free Supercharging promotion for Model S/X buyers in both countries.

Price Increases in China

According to an update to the Design Studio in China on Friday, both variants of the Model S and Model X have increased in price by ¥19,000, or about $3,700 CAD or $2,750 USD. With the price increase the Model S Dual Motor now starts at ¥808,900, which represents a 2.4%increase from its previous price of ¥789,900. Meanwhile, the Model S Plaid now starts at ¥1,028,900, up 1.9% jump from its previous price of ¥1,009,900.

For the Model X Dual Motor the starting price is now ¥898,900(+2.2%), and the Model X Plaid is now ¥1,058,900 (+1.8%). The price increases have not affected estimated delivery windows for any of the variants in China.

Price Increases in South Korea

The price adjustments are roughly the same in South Korea, with all variants increasing by ₩3,571,000, or $3,660 CAD or $2,712 USD, according to Twitter user @Tslachan. However unlike China, deliveries of the Model S and Model X haven’t started yet in South Korea, but customers won’t have to wait much longer as Tesla is now displaying an estimated delivery date of June 2023, in line with a date previously provided by Tesla Korea.


Price Increases in Germany

Again the price increases are similar in Germany, with all variants increasing by €2,500 (C$3,700/US$2,750).

Free Supercharging Offer

To help entice customers to place an order for the Model S or Model X Tesla is also offering three years of free Supercharging to new buyers in these countries. This is the same incentive that has been offered in North America for several weeks, but it is only valid if you take delivery prior to June 30, 2023.

The offer is quite appealing to potential buyers as all three countries have extensive Supercharger networks. As of the most recent update from Tesla in December 2022, China had over 1,500 Supercharger stations with over 10,000 stalls. Those numbers should be much higher now as the company has in recent months been adding about one Supercharger station every day on average in China.

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