Tesla Cybertruck reservations could now be as high as 750,000

While no official numbers have been given by Tesla on the number of reservations of the Cybertruck since Elon Musk tweeted some figures in the weeks following the unveiling, the latest reservation numbers paint a very promising picture for the futuristic truck.

According to a user on Reddit, his recently placed reservation puts him behind approximately 749,000 other hopeful Cybertruck owners.

To put that number in context, Tesla’s current production facilities, which include Giga Shanghai and its factory in Fremont, were able to produce and deliver 367,500 vehicles amongst its lineup of, at the time, three vehicles.

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Since then, production at Giga Shanghai has ramped up, and Tesla hopes to have its next factory, Giga Berlin, open next year. But Musk has hinted that a new facility would be needed to manufacture the Cybertruck, and that it wouldn’t be incorporated to the production lines at its other facilities.

A waiting list of over three quarters of a million would realistically mean Tesla has sold every single Cybertruck it can produce for three to four years following the launch. Even if only half of those reservations follow through to actually order the vehicle, that’s still a substantial amount of money coming Tesla’s way.

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How do you know where you stand in line for the Cybertruck. After placing your order, you get a notification with a reservation number. These orders numbers are sequential, and according to the Cybertruck Owners Club they start at about 112744100.

Do the math (your reservation number – 112744100 = ?), and you have your spot in line.

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