Tesla shares first look at Cybertruck production lines, still on track to begin production later this year

Tesla has provided an update on Cybertruck production with the release of their Q1 2023 shareholder deck this afternoon, and included a first look at the Cybertruck pilot production line at Fremont and the permanent production line at Giga Texas.

The Cybertruck was first unveiled in 2019, and originally supposed to launch in 2021. With a perfect storm of supply chain shortages and a global pandemic, among other issues, that timeline has been delayed several times, but the most recently stated target is to begin production later this year. That timeline is still on track, according to Tesla, who said in the shareholder deck that Cybertruck factory tooling is on track and currently producing alpha versions of the electric truck, with official production slated to begin later this year.

“Cybertruck remains on track to begin production later this year at Gigafactory Texas,” Tesla said.

Along with the production update, Tesla also shared the first look at the pilot production line at the Fremont factory. In this image we can see the large front and rear castings of the Cybertruck, which we have seen previously in a leak earlier this year.

But this is only the pilot production line at the Fremont factory. It produces Cybertruck in limited quantities to test the line and processes to ensure that any major kinks are ironed out before they bring the Cybertruck to commercial production. That will take place at Giga Texas, and based on another image of the tooling area being put together in Austin, Tesla is well on their way to starting production later this year.

While this is the first official image of the progress Tesla has made inside Giga Texas in regards to Cybertruck production, it shouldn’t come as a surprise and there is likely much more that Tesla isn’t showing us just yet. Earlier this month CEO Elon Musk said he had just “walked [the] whole Cybertruck production line at Giga Texas,” something which took him “several hours” to do.

The one thing we don’t see in these images is the 9,000 ton Giga Press for the Cybertruck, which arrived at Giga Texas late last year and is presumably up and running by now.

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