Possible first leaked image of Tesla Cybertruck ahead of tonight’s unveiling

Cybrtrk featured

Just when we thought Tesla would get away with it and be able to keep leaks of the highly anticipated Cybertruck off the internet, this image appeared this afternoon just hours before the official reveal.

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First posted on cybrtrkownersclub.com, the image was apparently sent in from an anonymous tipster, with no other information than “Early CYBRTRK look. Enjoy.”

Tesla Cybertruck Leak [CYBRTRKownersclub]

It’s not exactly clear what we’re looking at with this image, but it appears to be a shot of the alleged Cybertruck from the rear, from a point of view below the height of the truck, implying it may have been on a stage/platform in preparation for the unveiling later tonight. The lighting goes along with that assumption too.

We’ve lightened up the image slightly to get a better look. If this is indeed the rear of the truck, there appears to be a silver/metal bumper plate under the rear of the truck, with the tailgate above that. There also appears to be some kind of spoiler/wing on the top of the cab. The tread pattern on the wheels also appear to be very similar to the wheel we saw in the edited version of the Cybertruck invite sent out last week, seen below.

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CYBRTRK invite - lightened

What do you think, is this the first real leaked image of the Cybertruck? What else can you spot in the photo?

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