Elon Musk tours Giga Texas in Tesla Cybertruck [Photos & Videos]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a bit of a splash today in Austin, Texas, driving around the Giga Texas construction site in the Cybertruck.

A photo of the dirty Cybertruck was first posted to Reddit. Musk later confirmed on Twitter it was him driving the futuristic truck at the place where the Cybertruck will be built starting later this year.

Musk wasn’t trying to hide his visit in the electric truck, putting it on display for workers at the site. Based on photos shared online he also gave an impromptu speech to employees.

This specific Cybertruck is not the new design that we are all waiting for Musk to reveal as this one still has door handles.

Other photos were shared online showing Musk also had his black Plaid Model S on site with what appeared to be a yoke steering wheel.

Thankfully it wasn’t just photos that were shared, with a video showing Cybertruck looking very dirty after driving around the muddy construction site.


After seeing what it will look like in the real world, who else is excited to see the Cybertruck on the road in the near future?

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