Refresh Tesla Model S spotted in Toronto

The first refresh Tesla Model S has been spotted in north of the border in Toronto, Ontario Thursday afternoon.

The Long Range Model S was filmed by Bruno Santos and shared to Twitter by @mrgreyev. According to Santos it was travelling along Highway 400 near Vaughan with a Tesla employee behind the wheel.

Missing from this test vehicle is the yoke steering wheel, with the traditional round steering wheel clearly visible in the video. It was also missing the same interior trim pieces that have been seen missing from those seen in the US.

This sighting officially confirms what several Drive Tesla readers have been telling us recently. We shared on Twitter that both a refresh Model S and Model X have reportedly been spotted in Vancouver, only to be told a Model S was also allegedly in Toronto.

If you’re in either Vancouver or Toronto, definitely keep your eyes open for the refresh Model S and X vehicles (and be sure to let us know if you do spot one).

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