Tesla expands Giga Texas with new outbound lot

Tesla has officially started using its new outbound lot on the west side of the Giga Texas complex, as the factory continues to expand and ramp production.

There have been a number of changes at Giga Texas since it first started producing the Model Y in March 2022. A number of them have been to the outside, with new parking lots being built, Supercharging stations added, a solar rooftop array and Megapacks helping to power the facility. There have also been changes to the inside of the massive building, with the addition of new vehicle production lines for the Cybertruck, and a new battery production area for 4680 cells.

With all of this growth Tesla has outgrown its storage area for new cars, and has now officially expanded west across the highway with a new outbound lot. Tesla has been working on this area for several months, and this week the company started using it. According to drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer, the old outbound lot on the east side of the factory is now empty, and as can be seen in his flyover on Monday, the new lot has started filling up with new Model Ys and Cybertrucks.

Now that newly built cars will be stored on this side of the highway, Tesla is also building a large Supercharger station, having already installed 64 Supercharger posts, with plans to also add a canopy above them.

This new outbound lot is also where one of Elon Musk’s other companies is about to get to work. Over the last few weeks The Boring Company has been preparing to dig a tunnel underneath the highway to connect Giga Texas and the new outbound lot, allowing for newly built cars to be driven (or potentially drive themselves) straight out of the factory to where they will eventually be sent off to a Delivery Center.

You can watch Joe’s full drone flyover from Monday below.

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