Did Unplugged Performance just reveal the final Cybertruck design?

There have been several indications in the last few weeks that the Cybertruck is inching closer to production, but the final design of the electric truck still hasn’t been revealed, even though it was finalized earlier this summer according to Elon Musk.

While Tesla hasn’t revealed the final design, Unplugged Performance may have just shown off at least part of it. The longtime Tesla tuner announced they will officially debut their new CYBRHEX wheels designed exclusively for the Cybertruck later today.

The debut is scheduled for 12:00pm PT, but with the announcement the company included a new image showing off the front of the Cybertruck. While they obviously didn’t confirm that it was an official image from Tesla, it includes some design cues that are different from all previously seen prototypes.

Two of the biggest differences are in the wiper and the side mirror.

As we showed you at the Cyber Rodeo in April, the prototype Cybertruck’s massive wiper was actually two smaller wiper blades on one larger arm. In this image we can clearly see only one wiper blade.

The connection to the windshield is also different, as the arm appears to have a flatter and straighter design at the point where it attaches to the windshield than previously seen.

The side mirror is also different than what was on the latest prototype. The design of the arm and the way in which it connects to the window is slightly different. Musk has previously said the side mirrors will be removable, and this design makes it look much more like they actually are.

There is also now a cutout piece on the end of the mirror.

All of this is speculation, but the changes appear to be too subtle to be something that Unplugged Performance came up with to show off their new wheels.

Hopefully we’ll see more at the unveiling at noon, as Unplugged Performance said “more surprises coming.” We’ll bring you more when it happens.

Do you think this is the final design? Do you spot any other differences? Let us know in the comments below.

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