First details about the interior of the Model Y emerge after Tesla owner gets private viewing at Supercharger

So far there have been very few details about the interior of the upcoming Model Y crossover SUV. But thanks to lucky Tesla owner Michael Hughes, who got the rare opportunity to sit inside one, we now have a few more details.

Hughes spotted the Model Y in San Luis Obispo at the local Supercharger. When he approached the vehicle with the Tesla employee still in it, he was allowed to briefly enter the vehicle and check out both the front row and second row seating in the Model Y.

According to Hughes, the interior felt huge, with “amazing layout/storage space & seating”. He also commented that after getting back into it his Model 3 after experiencing the interior of the Model Y, he just wanted to be back in the Y again.

The front row resembles the Model 3, but once you get into the back seats, the differences between the Model 3 and Model Y begin to emerge. Hughes said that while “the front really looks like the same size as the 3, the back is a whole different story”. Part of what makes the interior feel so large is the panoramic glass roof, which unlike its sibling Model 3 has no center beam and the glass extends all the way from front to back.

Tesla Model Y panoramic glass roof

Over the weekend we saw a rare up-close photo of the optional 3rd row seating. The Model Y that Hughes was in had no third row, but noted that there was extra space in the back that might be alotted for the third row. He was also able to spot two storage compartments under the trunk – one that was larger than the Model 3, and a second small compartment that could fit something the size of a briefcase.

The Tesla Model Y that Hughes checked out at the charging station did not have a third-row seat but he noticed a space that might be allotted for the optional configuration. He also confirmed that it has a power liftgate, something which many people complain about not having on the Model 3 (but you can upgrade and get an aftermarket one for 10% off here.).

Hughes only got to check out the interior on the condition that he take no photos, so we unfortunately don’t get to see any interior photos from him. But based on his description, the Model Y should be a hot-seller for Tesla.

The latest rumours are speculating that deliveries of the Model Y could begin on January 29, the same day as the Tesla Q4 earnings call.

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