Aspiring Tesla owner in Toronto wins battle to get front-yard parking spot

Toronto Tesla parking spot

All Gregory Pechersky wants to do is own a Tesla. The problem is, his house in the Parkdale area of Toronto only has street parking, making it difficult to charge an electric vehicle (EV).

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Perchesky approached the City of Toronto for permission to build a parking pad in his Springhurst Avenue yard at the same time as his house was undergoing a major renovation. Parking pads like this are not allowed over environmental concerns that they would result in the removal of trees to make space for the vehicle. Additionally, there are concerns that paving areas like this would increase stormwater runoff, possibly overwhelming the City’s sewer system.

Perchesky’s proposed solution, which was initially denied by city committee, included building the pad with a permeable surface, and promising not to damage or remove any trees. This would allow him to install an external charging station on his property, instead of trying to find a solution for on-street charging.

While the initial application was denied, it was eventually overruled by a Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB). In reversing the decision, the panel noted the refusal to allow the homeowner to build a parking pad and install a charger for his Tesla was at odds with the City’s initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Opponents of the decision however are concerned that this will open the floodgates, and others will apply for parking pads, while the City has no mechanism to enforce that the homeowner will actually park an EV on the pad.

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h/t [Toronto Star]

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