World’s longest Tesla Supercharger opens in France

longest supercharger france
Credit: Quentin Vannier /LinkedIn

Tesla has set an unusual new record, opening the world’s longest Supercharger station this week in France.

According to a post on LinkedIn by Quentin Vannier, Tesla’s Regional Manager France – Charging Infrastructure, the new station features 28 V3 Superchargers stalls.

While it is considerably smaller than the largest Supercharger station in terms of the number of stalls, what makes it unique is that the stalls are all in a single row.

Photos shared by Vannier and others of the new station show that 28 Superchargers side-by-side looks a lot longer than you think it would.

The 28-stall Supercharger was installed in North Beaune at E.Leclerc, one of France’s leading grocery and general merchandise retailers.

According to Vanier, this is the third Supercharger installed at the stores just this week.

Another 16-stall V3 Supercharger was opened in Montauban and an 8-stall station was opened in Saint-Gaudens.

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Source: Electrek

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