Largest Tesla Supercharger in the world opens in Shanghai

The title of world’s largest Tesla Supercharger now belongs to a brand new station in downtown Shanghai.

According to photos and video posted to Twitter by @JayinShanghai, the new Supercharger has a total of 72 stalls and is located in the underground parking of the Jing’An International Center. That beats out the previous record holder, the Firebaugh Supercharger in California, which only opened last month.

Even though Firebaugh is no longer the world’s largest, it still holds the title of largest V3 Supercharger in the world. This new station in Shanghai features V2 Superchargers, maxing out at 120kW.

The need for Superchargers this big is only going to increase as demand increases in China. In November Tesla set a new record for number of deliveries in the month.

With the Model Y set to launch early next year, and Giga Shanghai targeting to produce 550,000 vehicles, this may not be the world’s largest Supercharger for long.

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