Tesla (TSLA) Q1 2022 sets more records despite supply chain issues and factory shutdowns

Tesla has published their Q1 2022 production and delivery numbers this morning, and have started off the year on the right foot setting more records.

The impressive numbers were despite the automaker facing what some might consider a perfect storm in supply chain issues and factory shutdowns.

Tesla Q1 2022 Production

In a press release this morning, Tesla announced they were able to produce 305,047 units in the first three months of the year.

For the first time three factories contributing to these figures after Giga Berlin opened on March 22.

As expected, the Model 3 and Model Y accounted for the lion’s share of those figures with 295,324 units built.

After a slower than expected start, Fremont has been able to slowly ramp production of the flagship Model S and Model X, producing 14,238 units in the first quarter, up from the 13,109 made in Q4 2021.

Tesla Q1 2022 Deliveries

Despite what some analysts might want you to believe, demand is not slowing down.

Tesla was able to deliver 310,048 vehicles globally in the first quarter of 2022, a new all-time high for the automaker.

That is a massive 68% (not 69% unfortunately) increase from Q1 2021 when Tesla delivered 184,800 vehicles, and slightly higher than consensus estimates for around 309,000 vehicles.

Tesla said in the press release:

In the first quarter, we produced over 305,000 vehicles and delivered over 310,000 vehicles, despite ongoing supply chain challenges and factory shutdowns.


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