Tesla updates Supercharger Map for 2022

supercharger update

Tesla has posted their January update to their list of planned Supercharger locations across Canada.

Ontario is the winner in this update with 10 new locations, including three new Superchargers along the 401.

The map doesn’t seem to have fully updated (there are still a lot of locations with Q4 2021 opening dates), but here are the new locations listed by province, with their targeted opening date:

British Columbia

  • Langley (Q4 2022)
  • Maple Ridge (Q3 2022)


  • Edmonton (Q3 2022 – 2nd location)


  • Prince Albert (Q4 2022)
  • Estevan (Q4 2022)


  • Morris (Q4 2022 – replacing Pembina, ND)


  • Windsor (Q4 2022)
  • Burlington (Q4 2022 – 2nd location)
  • Vaughan (Q3 2022 – 2nd location)
  • Markham (Q4 2022 – 3rd location)
  • Minden (Q4 2022)
  • Madoc (Q2 2022)
  • Kemptville (Q2 2022)
  • Cobourg (Q3 2022)
  • Trenton (Q3 2022)
  • Gananoque (Q3 2022)


Tesla also removed a few locations from the map, such as Grand Forks, BC and South Surrey, BC, although that location opened yesterday.

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