Tesla Model Y is Europe’s best selling car through the first six months of the year

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The Tesla Model Y is continuing to exert its dominance in auto markets around the world. The latest accomplishment is in Europe, where the electric SUV was the best selling car, electric or otherwise, through the first six months of the year.

From January to June a total of 125,144 Model Ys were registered across Europe, a staggering 212% increase from the same time period last year, when 40,147 Model Ys were registered in the first six months of the year. This number, which comes from DataForce, actually underrepresents the total number of Model Ys as it only includes about 94% of sales in the European Union plus ETFA countries and the UK. (via Automotive News)

The next closest competitor was the Dacia Sandero, a small hatchback that has a starting price under £15,000 (C$25,000/US$19,000), which accumulated 118,883 sales, followed by the VW T-Roc, a small crossover SUV at 107,249 units.

If you have been following the Model Ys sales trend in Europe, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that it topped the sales charts. The electric SUV started the year off slowly ranking 17th in January, but that changed in February when it became the region’s best seller with over 18,000 units sold. That continued into March with another strong first place showing, outselling second place by over 20,000 units that month.

The Model Ys accomplishment through the first half of the year was capped off with it being Europe’s best selling car in June, where it outsold the second place Dacia Sandero by nearly 7,000 units.

Tesla of course sells more than just the Model Y in Europe. Its sibling, the Model 3, sold 38,843 units through the first half of the year. While considerably less than the Model Y, the electric sedan had its strongest month in June with 12,693 units sold, a 115% increase over the previous month, placing its 50th overall in European car sales from January to June.

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